Introducing Curatescape version 2

We’re pleased to announce that we’re almost done rolling out some big changes to Curatescape, including a totally redesigned app framework, as well as some nice improvements to the maps on Curatescape websites.

About the New Mobile Apps

We’ve redesigned Curatescape from the ground up, giving the apps a fresh modern look that fits right in with modern design conventions for iOS and Android. Clients now have a number of options for styling and customizing their apps to better express their project’s brand identity.


The map is still a big part of the apps, but now it’s not the only way to find nearby stories. Users are now welcomed with a text-based list of the closest stories (including an indication of how far away they are from each location), making it much easier to browse and scan results. We’ve even included pull-to-refresh so users can easily get a new list of stories as they move around the city.


Speaking of location, the newly-designed map includes customizable markers, image-enhanced info windows for each location, and runs on Open Street Maps data.


The reading experience is similar to the view in the older iOS apps but much improved, and with a heavier emphasis on beautiful images. It also includes more of the custom fields found on Curatescape websites, including subtitles, author bylines, sponsorship, street address, and more.


Tours now have an interactive map that displays each location on the route, which was a frequent request from our users, who have long enjoyed that feature on the project websites.


The about page now includes live data from your website, rather than the static image that appeared in the old apps.


The new sidebar menu also contains prominent links to each project’s social media accounts and contact info, giving users a direct link for feedback and further engagement.


The apps now use system-standard sharing options, meaning users can share your stories on any platform that runs on their phone instead of just the ones we choose.


Overall, the performance, reliability, and design of the Curatescape apps are all much improved from earlier versions. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement. By starting over from scratch, we’ve shed a lot of baggage and given ourselves a platform that we can build upon over time. We’re really excited to be rolling out these changes for our existing clients and look forward to deploying quite a few new projects in the coming year.

Technology (nerd stuff)

If you’re interested to know, the technologies and tools used to create the new apps include Apache Cordova, Ionic, Geolib, Maki Markers, OpenStreetMapLeaflet, and of course Omeka. We love open source software and want to share our gratitude for the great work done by everyone involved in these projects!