Updates to the Curatescape Omeka theme


The latest version of the Curatescape theme for Omeka was released yesterday. The new design is currently live on clevelandhistorical.org¬†and will be rolled out to existing users in the coming weeks (open source users can grab a copy from Github). The theme will look familiar to some, but includes a number of key changes and a ton of improvements that make it more than a simple design refresh. The front end has been almost entirely rewritten, with much cleaner markup, more consistent styling and typography, more semantic structure, and vastly improved accessibility, loading times, and overall page size. We think you’ll like it.

Key changes

  • Better typography
  • New navigation scheme including a flexible “offscreen” menu with support for nested pages and more
  • New fullscreen image viewer with support for gestures and pinch-to-zoom on mobile devices
  • Improved UI/UX for items with multiple audio and/or video files
  • Item pages now feature a hero image at the top of the page instead of a map
  • Improved tour navigation at top and bottom of each stop when a tour is active
  • Disqus comments are now loaded after the user opts in with a click

Theme Options

  • New homepage options
  • New map options
  • New search options
  • New navigation options
  • New social media options
  • New font services options