Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns my content?

You own your content. Curatescape and Cleveland State University make absolutely no claims on your work. We are simply here to help it be discovered. Curatescape is designed around the fundamental idea that you can take your content – and even your whole website – and move to a different server at any time. The only thing that we own is the source code for the mobile applications.

What happens if I don’t renew my Curatescape license?

The short answer is that we will remove your Curatescape apps from the app stores and cease to provide updates to previously downloaded apps. But that’s not necessarily the end of your project, nor a loss on your investment.

As humanities scholars and open source advocates, we know how important it is to own your work. We also understand that institutional funding comes and goes. Should you choose not to renew your Curatescape app license for any reason, you will maintain ownership of your data in the form of an Omeka website. If you are hosting your own site using Curatescape tools, you may continue to do so, taking advantage of the plugin and theme updates we make available via GitHub. If we are hosting your site on Curatescape servers, we can help you migrate to a new host by providing a downloadable archive of your content files and database. Alternately, you may opt to enter into an affordable hosting and maintenance contract with us, continuing your project uninterrupted sans apps.

Can I create a Curatescape project with my own design and/or branding?

Yes. While paid Curatescape projects include some customizable elements, some organizations and individuals may wish to create their own look from scratch. Please review Custom logo and theme design [GitHub wiki] for details on compatibility requirements and other considerations.

Can I use to host my Curatescape project?

Curatescape and other third-party plugins are not available for websites. You’ll need to install Omeka and Curatescape on your own servers, or add managed hosting to your contract with us.