About Curatescape

Curatescape is a web and mobile app framework for publishing location-based content using the Omeka content management system.

Curatescape is an affordable and user-friendly solution that allows small to mid-sized cultural organizations, preservation groups, or educational institutions an opportunity to reclaim their interpretive voice and reconnect to their communities and audiences.

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A Complete Package

Curatescape provides content creators the ability to curate outdoor landscapes or indoor museum settings, publishing to mobile devices and the web. When deploying Curatescape, clients received a mobile-optimized website, native apps for iOS (iPhone; iPad coming soon) and Android devices. A turnkey solution, Curatescape comes complete with customized brand identity, consulting and content-development support, templates for marketing materials, and an easy-to-use content management system. Using the Omeka platform, clients are able to update their website and mobile app content dynamically.

Curatescape has wide-ranging functionality including the following: content geolocated on a map (or tied to the organization of your museum/gallery), tours, search and browsing functionality, layered multimedia, social media, analytics for web and mobile, as well as a growing number of additional features and functionalities.

A Platform for Storytelling

Conceptually, Curatescape emphasizes storytelling, rather than the display of single archival objects, the default approach for so many mobile apps.  Our emphasis on stories construes the story broadly. A story can be told in many ways, from the historical to environmental, from the literary to the architectural, or using any approach that builds meaning through evoking context, place, or identity. Good storytelling, then, builds context through text, images, and multimedia, and is fundamental to humanities interpretation. The information architecture of Curatescape is built with this approach in mind.

A Growing List of Partners

Presently, over thirty universities, heritage preservation organizations, historical societies, and museums have adopted Curatescape. For a full list of projects, visit the View Projects Directory.

Curatescape Projects directory

A Team of Scholars

One of the great strengths of Curatescape, our project team is deeply embedded in humanities-based research, education and publishing. To learn more about our staff, visit the Project Team page.

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The Curatescape team and the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University would like to thank the following for their support, direct or otherwise:

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