Marker Clustering (and more) in Curatescape Web Maps

In addition to the big changes to the Curatescape apps, we’re also working on some cool updates to the Omeka theme. Check out the video below (or visit to preview the new marker clustering feature.

We’ve updated the maps to use Open Street Maps data, incorporating beautiful high-resolution tiles from CartoDB, customizable vector markers from Mapbox’s Maki icon set, and all new theme options to control the color and styles of your map. The clustering feature is configurable for each project (and can be turned off altogether if it’s not right for your content). We’ve switched to the Leaflet mapping library, which allows us to create lovely custom info windows, so that when users click on a marker, they get a nice big image preview.

Importantly, these improvements didn’t add to the overall page load (in fact, we’ve trimmed it down a bit). Stay tuned for more in the coming year as we continue to improve Curatescape!