Project Launch Guide

Each licensee should use the following roadmap to get from project initiation to project launch.


* Your service agreement may include hosting. If not, we recommend Reclaim Hosting.
** If your service agreement includes hosting, we will install/configure Omeka and Curatescape tools.
*** If your service agreement includes hosting, point your domain name(s) to Reclaim Hosting’s name servers:,

Design phase

After the above steps have been completed, the project’s visual design elements will be created. Unless you are pursuing Custom logo and theme design [Github wiki], this process will be completed by Curatescape team, who will be in contact as needed. Generally, we require the following information, which will be collected in part via the Basic information checklist:

  • high-resolution vector logos for any sponsoring agencies that must be displayed in the app
  • the colors to use for the logo and app icons
  • the text to use in the logo and app icons

While this step is completed, you may begin creating content.

Content Creation phase

Please review the Content Creation guidelines for specific details about content creation. In order to thoroughly test your app and prepare it for submission and deployment, we ask licensees to meet the following minimum content requirements in addition to completing all the steps listed above:

  • at least 10 public items, each containing at least one image
  • at least 1 public tour, each containing at least one public item

You can continue to create content after this point at your leisure. The client apps automatically detect changes to your content and add/remove/modify content as needed.


Once the above steps are completed and you give the go-ahead, your apps will be created, tested, and submitted to the app stores. When the apps are available for download (typically within a few days of submission), you will be provided with links and other information that you can use to promote the app on your Omeka website (by entering the information in your “theme settings” area).